Greentech India 4 Wheeler Platform Truck Electric 2000kg to 5000kg GTIMH-4WPT

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The 4-Wheel Platform Truck from MHE Bazar is a cost-effective solution for carrying loads from 2000 to 5000 kg. This industrial platform truck is designed to enable easy and long-distance transportation of bulk and non-palletized load over long distances on asphalt or concrete roads. With its electric battery-operated design, this platform truck offers a reliable, efficient, and safe means of transporting goods inter-plant transportation, factories, warehouses, defense units, railway workshops, airports, power plants, large processing units, and many more.
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Product Specifications
Capacity 2000kg to 5000kg
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It is suitable for various applications such as construction sites, warehouses, factories, retail stores, etc. The 4-Wheel Platform Truck from MHE Bazar provides an economical solution for businesses looking to improve their logistics operations. With the use of advanced technology, these trucks offer great performance and convenience. These Platform Trucks are available with Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion Battery.

MHE Bazar is one of the leading suppliers of 4-Wheel Industrial Platform Trucks that are reliable and cost-effective. With their superior quality construction and long-lasting batteries, these trucks can provide efficient transportation solutions for a variety of industries.

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Type Of Product 4 Wheeler Platform Truck Electric
Capacity 2000kg to 5000kg

Greentech India Material Handling LLP, is an emerging company in the field of manufacturing/assembly and Supply of a wide range of Material Handling Products with Modern Technology Equipment to the Indian MHE Industry, with having Head Office in Chennai. And now we Launching our manufactured Manual Range of Material Handling Equipment, Semi Electric and Fully Electric Small level to High-Level MHE products. Greentech India is professionally managed by a team who have hard-core experience in providing material handling solutions to the Indian industries. We supply Material Handling Equipment like:

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