3-Wheeler Tow Truck (Electric)

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Aepl Electric Tow Truck 2000 Kg TT-30

Rs. ********
Tow truck is used for towing the trollies in the industry and we manufacturing 3000 kg load carrying. It is ideal for use in inner plate transportation, factories, warehouses, railway, workshop, airports, and large processing plants. These industrial tow trucks are available with an AC drive.

Stakon Tow Truck Tt 3000 3000kg 3000kg TOW TRUCK-TT-3000

Rs. 4,25,000

Greentech India 3 Wheeler Tow Truck Electric 5000kg GTIMH-3WTT

Rs. ********
The MHE Bazar 3-Wheel Industrial Electric Tow Truck is an efficient way to transport large quantities of materials over long distances. This medium and heavy-duty battery-operated MHE can tow loads up to 5000 kg, making it perfect for inter-plant transportation in Factories, Warehouses, Defence units, Railways, Airports, Large Processing Plants, ...
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