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Choosing the ideal tow truck for your material handling requirements on mhe bazar

April 2024 7 Mins read
Choosing the Ideal Tow Truck for Your Material Handling Requirements on MHE Bazar.png

A tow truck is extremely vital when it comes to material handling operations, particularly in the field of transportation, manufacturing, and distribution. The primary function of a tow truck is to load materials, allowing efficient and safe movement of large volumes of goods with minimal effort. 

But a lot of you may be wondering how to choose a tow truck that meets your requirements without any shortcomings. To help you with that, we will be discussing how to choose a tow truck in this guide. 

If you are looking to purchase a new or used MHE, MHE Bazar is one of the most reliable platforms with plenty of high-quality tow trucks available for purchase. Each option has detailed specifications that will help you choose the best tow truck for your operations. We bring you the best options from the most trusted material-handling equipment manufacturer and supplier

Choosing The Best Tow Truck For Your Needs

If you are wondering how to choose a tow truck, you need to first understand the different types available. These tow trucks differ in terms of construction, power capacity, applicability, and even cost. So, understanding the types of tow trucks is a crucial part of tow truck selection criteria.

Understanding Different Types of Tow Trucks: 

Electric Tow Trucks

Electric tow trucks are an advanced option compared to other alternatives for material handling and transportation. They are designed to provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional internal combustion engine tow trucks. The primary benefit of an electric tow truck is its significantly quieter operation. This makes them ideal for work environments where noise pollution is a concern, such as indoor warehouses that operate within residential areas. 

Electric tow trucks have zero tailpipe emissions, making them an eco-friendly choice. In the long run, electric tow trucks offer significant cost-saving benefits. While the initial investment may be higher, the overall operational costs are lower due to fuel savings and reduced maintenance expenses. 

There are a few different options that you can find for electric tow trucks, such as: 

3-Wheeler Tow Truck (Electric)

These are compact electric trucks designed for efficient transportation of materials over long distances within industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, airports, etc. They are known for their enhanced maneuverability and are capable of towing loads up to 5000 kg. The 3-wheeler design allows for a tighter turning radius, making them suitable for navigating through narrow spaces.

4-Wheeler Tow Truck (Electric)

4-wheeler tow trucks are heavy-duty options ideal for towing very heavy loads ranging up to 30,000 kg. They are designed to operate on asphalt or concrete roads and are commonly used in warehouses, and automobile sectors. The additional wheel provides better stability and distribution of weight, which is crucial when transporting large loads over longer distances.

Diesel Tow Truck

Diesel tow trucks are the most preferred option, and you can see them working on almost every site where material transportation is required. These heavy-duty vehicles are specifically designed for towing heavy loads and can even bear the load of cars, trucks, and similar equipment. 

One of the main advantages of diesel tow trucks is their high torque output. Torque is the engine's capability to bear the load without failure. High torque is especially beneficial when dealing with steep inclines or uneven terrain. 

How To Choose Tow Truck That Gets The Job Done

Now that you are familiar with the different types of tow trucks, you can easily decide which type is best suited to get the job done in your case. But even after finalizing the type of tow truck, you still have many different options that can get confusing at times. Therefore, we have prepared this section where we will discuss how to choose a tow truck based on a few important aspects. 

Tow Capacity

The tow capacity of a tow truck refers to the maximum weight it can safely tow without damaging any component. As you can imagine, it is crucial to determine the appropriate tow capacity required for your operations based on the type of equipment you'll be towing regularly. 

As a safer practice, it is recommended to pick a tow truck that offers a notably higher tow capacity than the average load on the truck. Choosing a truck with insufficient tow capacity can lead to safety hazards, such as overloading, compromising its structural integrity. 

Hitching Mechanism

The hitching mechanism of a tow truck is a crucial component that enables the tow truck to securely attach to the equipment being towed. Different hitching mechanisms are available with tow trucks, such as ball hitches, pintle hitches, fifth-wheel hitches, etc. Each of these options is designed for specific towing applications and may fall short for a particular task if the right option is not chosen. 


Maneuverability refers to the tow truck's ability to navigate and operate efficiently in different spaces. When there is a load attached to the tow truck, the maneuverability of the truck plays a crucial role in keeping the load balanced and attached to the truck. To make sure of that, you need to assess factors like turning radius, steering system responsiveness, and overall size of the truck to determine its maneuverability. 


Lastly, you must check the tow truck's controlling parameters before making the decision. A handful of aspects contribute to the overall control of the unit, such as ergonomic seating, an intuitive control dashboard, and advanced control options. An intuitive control dashboard must offer a user-friendly interface along with easily accessible switches to make the job easier for the operator. 


We hope that our tow truck selection guide will be helpful for you while choosing an ideal tow truck for the job. Once you go through the different sections covered in this guide, we can assure you that you can experience numerous benefits with your tow truck. Selecting the appropriate tow truck ensures that tasks are completed with higher productivity. Investing in the right tow truck also results in significant cost savings over time. 

By choosing a truck that meets specific material handling requirements efficiently, companies can minimize operational costs associated with downtime, maintenance, and repairs. So, make sure you go through our guide on how to choose a tow truck before you make a choice. 

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