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May 2024 6 Mins read
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Utilizing a manual forklift for heavier tasks is highly inefficient and comes with numerous limitations, leading to unnecessary human energy expenditure. 

Instead of relying on such manual tools, why not opt for a battery-operated pallet truck or electric pallet truck? A battery-operated pallet truck offers numerous advantages. Consequently, the majority of warehouses depend solely on electric pallet trucks for their forklift operations.

For all your needs, MHE Bazar offers high-quality electric pallet trucks and reliable support services, serving as a one-stop solution. We have partnered with a numerous material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier so that you can always find the best option on our website. 

Understanding Electric Pallet Truck Batteries:

Battery Types & Specifications

Electric hand pallet trucks come with different types of batteries, which are chosen based on the specific work and power needs. Lead-acid batteries are commonly used, followed by lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. 

It's important to fully understand the various types of batteries, their specifications, and performance charts before making any decisions. Even if you are going for a used MHE, the following battery maintenance tips will still be helpful for you. 

Electric Pallet Truck Battery Maintenance Tips

Careful usage and proper maintenance are the key solutions to maximizing the life of the electric pallet truck. We are including some tips for proper electric pallet truck battery maintenance here so that you can easily keep track of your truck battery.

Maintain cleanliness: Dust and dirt accumulations on the battery surface, cables, joints, and terminals significantly impact performance and lead to corrosion in various areas of the battery's foundation.

Frequent check of charging levels:  Overcharging severely damages the battery performance. It's advisable to prevent overcharging by using smart chargers available in the market. These chargers monitor the battery's charging level and automatically shut off the supply when the battery is fully charged.

Avoid using improper chargers: Never charge your electric pallet charger with any local chargers. Trust the manufacturer-specified rated charger according to your specific battery design.

Temperature Management: Maintaining electric pallet truck batteries involves a controlled temperature environment. Extreme hot or cold temperatures significantly affect the battery's performance and lifespan. To maximize battery life, try our various electric pallet truck battery maintenance tips.

Best Practices For Electric Pallet Truck Battery Maintenance 

After performing intense research on electric pallet truck battery care and how to maintain batteries in electric pallet trucks, we have identified several effective battery maintenance tips that can significantly enhance the lifespan and performance of your pallet truck battery.

Optimal Charging Practices

Following proper charging standards is essential for extending the life of electric pallet truck batteries. Various techniques ensure that your battery does not get damaged in the long run, even after frequent charging cycles. 

This involves avoiding overcharging and adhering to an appropriate charging schedule specified by the electric pallet truck battery manufacturer. Using appropriate chargers recommended by the manufacturers for your specific battery type also plays a vital role in determining battery life. Using the wrong chargers may lead to insufficient or oversupply issues. 

Monitoring Battery Health

Along with charging management, frequent monitoring of battery health is also crucial to getting the most out of your batteries. This covers frequent checking of the battery voltage, temperature, and electrolyte level, which helps catch battery degradation. Since batteries gradually lose their capacity due to continuous usage, staying informed about these parameters facilitates easier decision-making regarding preventive maintenance or replacement.

Training For Efficient Battery Use

Proper material handling equipment training ensures that the operators comprehend the significance of the battery and its management protocols. 

If you don’t have a trained operator, operators should be encouraged to learn different aspects, such as the standard procedure for charging, dealing with batteries, and maintaining batteries, all of which fall under electric pallet truck battery maintenance. There are numerous benefits of providing training as it substantially promotes overall safety in handling the batteries and reduces the risk of accidents on the premises.

Load Management & Efficiency

Well-planned load management is also an essential requirement for effectively optimizing battery life for improving efficiency. Overloading or improper load distribution severely strains the battery and degrades the battery life altogether. Moreover, excessive load increases energy consumption and results in rapid battery discharge. So ideal load management ensures that an electric pallet truck should only work on the load that is permissible within its capacity. 

Scheduled Maintenance Routine

Adhering to the scheduled maintenance routine for electric pallet trucks is an all-in-one solution for ensuring safety, maximizing efficiency, and extending the lifespan of the batteries. Generally, regular maintenance involves 3 basic routine inspections, cleaning, & component checks. The inspection procedure includes identifying the battery condition, damaged parts, and malfunctioning of any component before it can severely shut down the whole unit. 

Professional Support & Service

Keeping professional support and services as a backup is also part of electric pallet truck battery maintenance tips and has several benefits. Expert monitoring support should also include a technically experienced person in the battery maintenance and repairs team. They shall take care of the diagnosis routine and bring out the best solution in case of issues. 

Other benefits involve added safety and efficiency of the overall process. Batteries are among the most hazardous pieces of equipment due to their heavy weight and risk of electrical hazards, so professional technicians must take all the necessary precautions to handle them. 

If you are worried about your electric pallet truck support services related to the battery, Worry not. MHE Bazar offers comprehensive support for maintenance contracts, authentic parts for replacement, and technical expertise, all in one place. So, you can rely on MHE Bazar for your battery-related concerns, as we will all take care of all of your problems.

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