Greentech India Electric Hand Pallet Truck 1500kg F4

Rs. 1,20,999

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Even if you're handling heavy materials, the MHE Bazar E-HPT15 electric hand pallet truck 1500 KG is perfect for efficient and effective material handling. Because you get a 1500 KG capacity from this lithium ion battery powered small BOPT, it stays completely slient and smooth even under heavy loads. Apart from powerful internals, it even has intuitive controls and a non slip platform which are both perfect for safety. You be assured of your safety and the reliablity of this pallet truck with its heavy duty construction materials. When combined with an ergonomic design, the operator won't be fatigued even in an industrial application where you may have to work in tight spaces. The Greentech E-HPT15 can be a highly cost effective and yet flexible option for handling heavy loads and materials.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Greentech India
Capacity 1500kg
Model F4
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With the MHE Bazar E-HPT15 Electric Hand Pallet Truck 1500KG, handling heavy loads and materials should not be an issue at all. Just per the name, this is a solid and sturdy hand pallet truck that can handle a maximum load of up to 1500 KG. Thus, it can easily be used in warehouses, distribution centers, industrial plants, and others for moving around large and heavy objects. Despite being powered by a lithium ion battery, this small BOPT or battery operated pallet truck is equipped with powerful motors. And you can precisely use these powerful motors for quietly and accurately moving this pallet truck with ease. Apart from being powerful, such an electric truck is perfect for warehouses which may require complete silence.

Other than offering powerful motors, the MHE Bazar E-HPT15 is also built like a tank which is to be expected for an industrial grade and a bonus for personal use. Because of the high end construction materials, it ensures optimum performance and safety both at the same time. Since its platform has a non-slip coating, you can load and unload heavy objects without having the risk of them slipping out. Similarily, you can find various smart design elements throughout the MHE Bazar E-HPT15 including things like a highly maneuverable handle which make this pallet truck easy to use even in tight spaces.

Even if you don't have a high end budget for a pallet truck, the Greentech E-HPT15 is still manageable enough thanks to its one battery and two battery models. As expected, the dual battery model is suitable for heavier loads and vice versa. Irrespective of the battery size, you should definitely consider getting the MHE Bazar E-HPT15 for increasing the efficiency and reducing time spent in your warehouses and industrial plants.

Type Of Product Electric Hand Pallet Truck
Manufacturer Greentech India
Capacity 1500kg
Operator Type Li-ion Battery Powered & Pedestrian
Width Over Forks
Model No F4

Greentech India Material Handling LLP, is an emerging company in the field of manufacturing/assembly and Supply of a wide range of Material Handling Products with Modern Technology Equipment to the Indian MHE Industry, with having Head Office in Chennai. And now we Launching our manufactured Manual Range of Material Handling Equipment, Semi Electric and Fully Electric Small level to High-Level MHE products. Greentech India is professionally managed by a team who have hard-core experience in providing material handling solutions to the Indian industries. We supply Material Handling Equipment like:

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