AEPL Low Profile Scissor Lift Platform 1500 Kg ETL1002

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MS powder coated, high quality finish with safety edge guards, high strength, long life, and smooth operation The low-profile electric/hydraulic scissor lift table loads and unloads skids with a pallet truck without the need for a pit when using the optional approach ramp. The superior engineering features rugged durability with safety features that include an electric perimeter pinch point guard, emergency stop velocity fuse in cylinders, separate control unit with foot operated up-down movement and provision for maintenance supports. All standard units are equipped with a 440V, 3-phase power supply.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Aguatech Engineers Private Limited
Capacity 1500 Kg
Model ETL1002
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A low-profile scissor lift platform is a specialized lifting device designed to operate in environments where vertical space is limited. Unlike traditional scissor lifts, which have a taller collapsed height, low-profile models are engineered with a reduced height profile, making them suitable for areas with low overhead clearance. These lifts are commonly used in settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and loading docks, where there may be height restrictions due to low ceilings or overhead obstacles. By offering a compact design, low-profile scissor lifts provide a practical solution for tasks that require lifting and positioning goods or personnel in confined spaces. Despite their lower height, low-profile scissor lifts maintain the functionality and versatility of standard scissor lifts. They feature a platform mounted on a set of crossed supports that extend and retract in a scissor-like motion, allowing for smooth vertical movement. This enables workers to access elevated areas safely and efficiently, improving productivity and workflow in constrained environments.

Type Of Product Low Profile Scissor Lift Platform
Manufacturer Aguatech Engineers Private Limited
Capacity 1500 Kg
Operator Type MS powder coated, high quality finish with safety edge guards, high strength, long life, and smooth operation
Model No ETL1002

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