Troax Low Speed Area LSA

Rs. 4,00,000

Troax Low Speed Area (LSA) solution, engineered by Claitec, a proud member of the Troax Group. Designed to enhance safety in warehouse environments, the LSA imposes speed restrictions on forklifts as they navigate various zones. Specifically tailored for areas with pedestrian traffic or active work zones, this system effectively mitigates the risk of accidents by enforcing reduced speeds for forklift operations. With the LSA in place, you can ensure a safer working environment for your team and prevent potential collisions in high-traffic areas. Trust Troax for innovative solutions that prioritize workplace safety, and invest in the LSA to streamline operations while protecting personnel and equipment.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Claitec (a Part of Troax Group)
Model LSA
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Welcome to the Troax Low Speed Area (LSA) solution, a groundbreaking innovation manufactured by Claitec and proudly branded under Troax Group. Engineered to prioritize safety in warehouse environments, the LSA sets a predefined speed limit for forklifts as they traverse various zones within your facility. Tailored specifically for areas with high pedestrian activity or ongoing work operations, the LSA serves as a crucial safety measure, effectively reducing the risk of accidents and collisions. By enforcing lower speeds in designated zones, this system ensures a safer working environment for all personnel and minimizes the potential for costly damages to equipment or inventory. With the LSA in place, you can effectively manage traffic flow in your warehouse while safeguarding the well-being of your workforce. Trust in Claitec's expertise and Troax Group's commitment to excellence as you invest in the LSA solution. Elevate your safety standards and streamline operations with a reliable and effective tool designed to enhance productivity and protect personnel and assets alike. Choose Troax LSA for peace of mind and unparalleled safety assurance in your warehouse environment.
Type Of Product Low Speed Area
Manufacturer Claitec (a Part of Troax Group)
Model No LSA

Troax, where safety stands at the forefront of our mission – safeguarding people, property, and processes through innovative products and solutions in machine guarding, warehousing, and storage. Our commitment is rooted in customer focus, respect, and international collaboration. As a global leader in indoor area protection, Troax specializes in high-quality, metal-based mesh panel solutions. Our automated and eco-friendly production processes ensure the delivery of functional and top-tier products. Whether it's machine guarding, warehouse and industrial walls, or storage solutions, Troax offers competitive and flexible modular systems compliant with laws and regulations. At Troax, we prioritize responsiveness and professionalism, aiming to meet and exceed customer needs swiftly. As both a local and global partner, we provide reliability, expertise, and unwavering support. Our range of world-class products, including mesh panel partitions, mesh decking, and anti-collapse systems, enhances the safety and efficiency of every step in material handling and logistics. Choose Troax for a secure and efficient approach to your safety needs.

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