Troax Traffic Control System TCS

Rs. 4,00,000

Troax Traffic Control System (TCS) by Claitec, a revolutionary solution ensuring smooth traffic management in industrial environments. With its versatile 4-sided structure, the TCS can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you require all sides or just 2 or 3. Each face is equipped with advanced sensors detecting vehicles, seamlessly triggering traffic lights and alert systems to prevent potential collisions. The system comes standard with a blue light projector for enhanced visibility. For added convenience, opt for the pre-installed Visual Alert System (VAS) mounted directly onto the traffic light structure. Streamline your traffic control operations with the Troax TCS, engineered for safety and efficiency in every maneuver. Trust Troax, a proud member of the esteemed Troax Group, for innovative solutions that prioritize workplace safety.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Claitec (a Part of Troax Group)
Model TCS
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Welcome to the Troax Traffic Control System (TCS) – a cutting-edge solution crafted by Claitec, proudly part of the renowned Troax Group. Engineered for seamless traffic management in industrial settings, the TCS boasts a versatile 4-sided structure, customizable to your exact requirements. Whether you need all four sides or just 2 or 3, our system adapts to your needs with ease. Each face of the TCS features state-of-the-art sensors designed to detect vehicles swiftly and accurately. Upon detection, the system activates the corresponding traffic light while simultaneously triggering warnings or blocking signals on other faces to avert potential collisions. With safety as our top priority, the TCS ensures efficient traffic flow and minimizes the risk of accidents in your workplace. Standard with the TCS is a blue light projector, enhancing visibility and alerting personnel to the presence of vehicles. For added convenience and functionality, consider opting for the Visual Alert System (VAS), available as an optional addition. Pre-mounted and seamlessly integrated into the traffic light structure, the VAS further enhances safety measures, providing visual cues to complement the traffic control system. Elevate your traffic management strategy with the Troax TCS, backed by Claitec's expertise and Troax Group's legacy of excellence. Trust in our commitment to innovation and safety as we pave the way for efficient and secure operations in your facility.
Type Of Product Traffic Control System
Manufacturer Claitec (a Part of Troax Group)
Model No TCS

Troax, where safety stands at the forefront of our mission – safeguarding people, property, and processes through innovative products and solutions in machine guarding, warehousing, and storage. Our commitment is rooted in customer focus, respect, and international collaboration. As a global leader in indoor area protection, Troax specializes in high-quality, metal-based mesh panel solutions. Our automated and eco-friendly production processes ensure the delivery of functional and top-tier products. Whether it's machine guarding, warehouse and industrial walls, or storage solutions, Troax offers competitive and flexible modular systems compliant with laws and regulations. At Troax, we prioritize responsiveness and professionalism, aiming to meet and exceed customer needs swiftly. As both a local and global partner, we provide reliability, expertise, and unwavering support. Our range of world-class products, including mesh panel partitions, mesh decking, and anti-collapse systems, enhances the safety and efficiency of every step in material handling and logistics. Choose Troax for a secure and efficient approach to your safety needs.

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