AEPL Semi Electric Stacker 1500 Kg SE1500D

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These hydraulic stackers are most extensively used in various industries and by using this effective Semi electric Hydraulic Stacker users can enhance production process, provide effective utilization of manpower, increase production, improve system flexibility. These are powered by a 12V or 24V Battery to lift and Lower Loads with lateral or horizontal movement being manual and most favored by small, medium and large industries alike for its user-friendly designs. AEPL offers a wide range in the type. Customization is possible within the design limitation.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Aguatech Engineers Private Limited
Capacity 1500 Kg
Model SE1500D
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Hydraulic stackers are a versatile and valuable tool across industries, offering benefits such as enhanced production processes, efficient manpower utilization, increased production rates, and improved system flexibility. The semi-electric aspect, powered by either a 12V or 24V battery, adds to their convenience and usability. With manual lateral or horizontal movement, they seem adaptable to various tasks, making them popular among small, medium, and large industries. It's great that AEPL offers a diverse range of options, and customization within design limitations is a bonus for tailoring stackers to specific needs.

Type Of Product Semi Electric Stacker
Manufacturer Aguatech Engineers Private Limited
Capacity 1500 Kg
Operator Type Fixed Legs or Fixed Forks
Width Over Forks 1000 or 1200 mm
Model No SE1500D

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Material Handling Equipments and Hydraulic Products. We are Authorized channel partners for Marketing of Stakon, Vanjax & MT&T products which includes material Hand Equipment, Overhead Maintenance Equipment and all types of Scaffolding for overhead work. Our team has 20+ Years of experience in the relevant industry.

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