MHE Bazar Used Hyundai 5t Diesel Forklift (model-50d-9sa) 5000kg 50D 9SA

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Truck Information: Used Hyundai Diesel Forklift (Model - 50D-9SA), Year of Manufacturing - 2018, Capacity 5000 Kg., lift 2930mm with side shifter and good working condition

This model is a diesel-powered forklift designed for both indoor and outdoor use in various material handling tasks. It has a capacity of 5000 kg, which means it can lift and move heavy loads with ease. The lift height of 2930mm is also good and should be sufficient for most indoor and outdoor material handling tasks.

The fact that it has a side shifter is also a positive feature. A side shifter is an attachment that allows the operator to move the load left or right without having to reposition the forklift, which can save time and improve efficiency.

As for the year of manufacturing, 2018 is relatively recent, which is a good sign. This means that the forklift is likely to have modern features and technology that can make it more reliable and efficient.

Overall, based on the information, the Hyundai Diesel Forklift (Model - 50D-9SA) is in good working condition and should be a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor material handling tasks. As always, it's still important to have it inspected thoroughly by a qualified technician to ensure that everything is in good condition and there are no hidden issues.
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Product Specifications
Capacity 5000kg
Model 50D 9SA
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Type Of Product Used Hyundai 5T Diesel Forklift (Model-50D-9SA)
Capacity 5000kg
Model No 50D 9SA

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