BYD Lithium Powered Sit Down Reach Truck 1600Kgs RTR16

Rs. 32,00,000

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Introducing the BYD 1.6 Ton Reach Truck from Greentech, your premier dealer of BYD forklifts across India. This reach truck is engineered for efficiency and versatility, featuring a robust lithium iron phosphate battery for rapid charging and prolonged performance. Tailored for warehouse and distribution center use, it ensures smooth, quiet, and environmentally friendly operation. Equipped with advanced safety features and ergonomic design, the BYD 1.6 Ton Reach Truck is the ideal solution for modern material handling needs.
Greentech, a reputable and trusted BYD forklifts dealer in India introduces the BYD Lithium Powered Sit Down Reach Truck 1600 KG RTR16. By implementing advanced and robust lithium iron phophate battery, it is a efficient and versatile logistics solution that supports rapid charging and lower downtimes. With smooth, silent, and eco-friendly operation, this electric truck is perfect for warehouses, retail stores, distribution centers, etc. Operator safety is the key priority by implementing automatic braking, overload protection, ergonomic design, and advanced controls. Greentech and the BYD 1600 KG RTR16 are the perfect pick for reliable, efficient, and susitanble material handling solutions.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer BYD
Capacity 1600Kgs
Model RTR16
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Being the premier dealer of BYD forklifts in India, Greentech introduces the BYD Lithium Powered Sit Down Reach Truck 1600 KG RTR15. As an advanced truck powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is made for efficient and versatile use thanks to support for rapid charging and a long battery lifespan. Being an electric truck, it offers smooth, quiet, and eco-friendly operation for warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, and other industries with material handling needs.

By implementing the advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology, this BYD sit down reach truck is highly versatile. Thanks to its quick charging times, low maintenance, and a long battery lifespan, you get reduced downtimes. This is ideal for industrial applications where efficiency and performance are needed everyday. You also get reduced operation costs in the long run with this advanced battery technology. 

As an all rounder electric sit down reach truck by BYD, it focuses on operator comfort and safety along with performance metrics as well. Thanks to a spacious cabin, adjustable seats, ergonomic handle and controls, operating this truck for extended shifts is quite practical. Being powered by a silent electric motor results in reduced noise for a friendly and sustainable workspace for other operators as well. Similarly, the electric motor has zero emissions for a healthy and environmentally friendly material handling industry. Similarly, to improve operator safety, advanced technology and features are used. By implementing automatic braking and overload protection, accidents are avoided in workspace while ensuring operator safety.

Even with the heavy duty usage, the BYD 1.6 ton truck stays reliable with its durable and reliable construction. By using robust and high end construction materials, you can expect great reliability, consistent performance, and low maintenance which is ideal for long term business investment. Choosing Greentech and the BYD 1.6 ton reach truck is perfect for optimizing your material handling industry. As an all rounder truck with advanced features, high end performance, operator safety and comfort, it is the perfect reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for logistics operations.

Type Of Product Lithium Powered Sit Down Reach Truck
Manufacturer BYD
Capacity 1600Kgs
Operator Type Electric
Model No RTR16

ABOUT BYD FORKLIFT GROUP: BYD forklift is a significant part of the BYD new energy “seven plus four” market strategy. Based on intensive new energy technology, motivated with a passionate innovation spirit, and steering market direction accurately, BYD Forklift has developed a new energy material handling equipment series like counterbalance forklift, reach truck, pallet truck, stacker, tractor, and automated guided vehicle. etc. Being the leading company in the lithium battery forklift industry, BYD Forklift has changed the using habits and business model in the traditional forklift industry. We have brought disruptive innovation to the industry, which has risen the green revolution of new energy to the industry.

ABOUT GREENTECH INDIA MATERIAL HANDLING LLP: Founded in August 2022 by Mr. Ulhas Makeshwar and Mr. Manik Thapar, Greentech India Material Handling LLP is led by industry veterans aiming to deliver innovative and eco-friendly Material Handling Equipment solutions. Recognized as a pan India authorized distributor for BYD forklifts, Greentech India also manufactures and supplies a diverse range of Material Handling Equipment solutions within the Indian industry. With a strong focus on sustainability and operational excellence, Greentech India is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that meet the evolving needs of customers while contributing to a greener future for the industry.

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